[][src]Function didkit::c::didkit_vc_verify_presentation

#[no_mangle]pub extern "C" fn didkit_vc_verify_presentation(
    presentation_json: *const c_char,
    linked_data_proof_options_json: *const c_char
) -> *const c_char

Verify a Verifiable Presentation. Arguments are a C string containing the Verifiable Presentation to verify, and a C string containing a JSON object for the linked data proof options for verification. The return value is a newly-allocated C string containing a JSON object for the verification result, or NULL in case of certain errors. On successful verification, the verification result JSON object contains a "errors" property whose value is an empty array. If verification fails, either NULL is returned and the error can be retrieved using didkit_error_message, or a verification result JSON object is returned with an "errors" array containing information about the verification error(s) encountered. A string returned from this function should be freed using didkit_free_string.